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Kam Chancellor Ends Holdout

September 23, 2015
Kam Chancellor has officially ended his holdout

Kam Chancellor has officially ended his holdout

With the news that Kam Chancellor has officially ended his holdout, one has to wonder what did he accomplish? Maybe a statement that he is unhappy with his contract. Not sure how that resonates given that he signed his contract two years ago and was extremely happy at the time. Also, he has apparently raised concerns over his knee injuries. Unfortunately that is the nature of NFL contracts where the most important issue is how much money is actually guaranteed. I would go on to focus that frustration towards his agent how had Kam sign a contract that currently has him only as the 27th highest paid strong safety according to percentage of contract that is actually guaranteed. Really questionable decision to holdout also knowing that the Seahawks are 29th in cap space and didn’t have assets to allocate to him. The report that Kam just wanted $4 Millon moved from 2017 to 2016 was a feeble attempt by his agent. That would mean Kam would play the last year of his contract, 2017, for just $2 Million. Really doubt that Kam would do that knowing that the Seahawks renegotiate deals when players are in the last year of a contract. Carroll and Schneider held strong and did not cave. The Seahawks lost their first two games of the season and one has to wonder if he would’ve been the difference to a 2-0 or 1-1 start. Kam lost two game checks and incurred massive fines which may or may not be waived or partially waived by the Seahawks. I would recommend Kam find new representation as instead of accomplishing anything he actually cost himself money and hurt his team. Glad he is back and now has the opportunity to show the Seahawks he is worth every penny and more. For more information contact a Seattle NFL Agent.

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