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Top 5 Ways Ways Sports Advertising Can Help Your Business

June 9, 2015

A new blog post here to show how effective sports marketing can be. Thanks to Glide Slope LLC on the story.

Sponsorship can offer brands many possibilities to help grow their business. With many of the world’s leading brands signing sponsorship deals, they can’t all be heading in the wrong direction. Yet, still many companies don’t fully embrace and their sponsorship, don’t use their sponsorship to strategically drive the macro business objectives, or are not able to synchronize their brand alignment organically. Here are the top five ways brands can improve their business by implementing sports sponsorship:

  1. Enhance the Customer Experience
  2. Have a Sense of Purpose
  3. Engage your Audience
  4. Deliver Real-Time Activity
  5. Leverage your Flexibility

Enhance the Customer Experience

Sponsorship can create opportunities that make their audiences’ lives easier and increase their enjoyment of a passionate pursuit. These experiences will benefit from being innovative, relevant and authentic, thereby adding value in how the audience consumes the sport.

SAP teamed up with the NBA to demonstrate how its technology brought to life unlimited stats and data of the teams’ performance. Fans and officials alike are now able to easily recall stats and feed into their everyday routines from match day banter to fantasy league updates.

Sports are entertaining and used to get away from our careers. Sports fans are passionate. It will always help your business to be a transcendent as possible. Casting a wider net will help you catch more fish.

Have a Sense of Purpose

With the corporate and socially responsible worlds taking ever more notice of each other, the advent of purposeful marketing has risen to the forefront, along with authenticity. Sponsorship can add value to this approach through a variety of ways that show a sponsorship is offering more than just a channel to portray messages but also creating a social benefit. Research has shown that consumers are more likely to favor your brand if it has embraced a social purpose, which in turn can be shown to drive the bottom line.

Barclays’ “Spaces for Sports” program now exists in China, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, Spain, the UK, the USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Through Barclay’s sports sponsorship pedigree, they are able to extend this position through using sport to help young people to develop skills such as communication, teamwork, resume writing and money management to gain qualifications and gain employment.

Engage your Audience

A set of sponsorship rights can allow a brand access to unique content to supplement its association, as well as add value for its audiences that its competitors could not do. Using the benefits of digital platforms and social media, this content can be shared to replicate the natural interaction that people have with friends, colleagues and family on a daily basis when discussing something of interest.

When BBVA signed on with the NBA as its official banking partner, it lacked a national footprint in the US. Using NBA content as its business driver, it set up a branchless bank account that used the digital space to target NBA fans and offer real-time services/updates, while building brand awareness and business.

Deliver Real-Time Activity

In an age when people have never had so much control over what they consume, when they want it, in which way and by how much, the lure of live action is still core to sport’s commercial appeal – especially if the values of recent media rights deals are anything to go by. The way television is consumed was changed when digital recorders were invented. Now most TV shows are recorded and watched at the consumer’s convenience, except for sports. This is why commercials for sports are the most expensive, because the most watched events in the world are sporting events. This immediacy is a space that sponsors, officially or unofficially, can benefit from, through adding value to the live dialogue. This could take the form of social media, sharing content, betting or just documenting your presence for posterity. This all takes place at a time that captures consumers in an emotional state of mind, being more receptive to messaging than a pure advertising play which can be more interruptive by nature.

The UEFA Champions League sponsor, Heineken, was able to weave its Star Player app into the live action through providing an interactive way for friends to compete against each other on various outcomes as they unfolded, adding to the enjoyment of the experience.

Leverage your Flexibility

Having bought the rights, a brand is essentially tasked with being the shepherd to guide the sponsorship across the relevant communication channels as they see fit. For some, this may mean a wide path of appeal is required to support the launch of a product. For others, the focus may be on engaging employees as a vital goal. Either way, for these reasons and more, sponsorship can offer a cost-effective solution to add value to a brand’s objectives within sport.

Oakley, not known for its’ paid advertising approach, decided to use their sports athlete portfolio, when they launched their Beyond Reason manifesto. It showed how various sports stars sponsored by Oakley share a similar DNA – a passion to go above and beyond what is reasonably possible, refusing to accept boundaries.

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  1. June 26, 2015 9:11 pm

    These are all great ways in which sports advertising can help a business. It’s so true that we live in a time when we decide when and how we want to be entertained. Sports, however, is the exception. If you weren’t in the arena during the NBA finals then you missed out on that experience. Bringing your product or service to that unique moment and place helps to connect and engage with the audience.

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