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2015 NFL Schedule Release

April 17, 2015
2015 NFL Opponents

An NFL spokesman said today that the 2015 NFL schedule will be released next week. All teams already know who and where they will be playing. What has yet to be determined are the dates for the games, which games will be Nationaly televised and the bye weeks for every team.

The Seahawks are slated to play Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Carolina at home. While the road schedule will see Seattle travel to Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, Green Bay, Minnesota, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Dallas. Opponents are determined by three components, each team plays its three division rivals (play each at home and on the road). Each team play an entire AFC division and NFC division, that is predetermined in a 4 year round robin, (2 games at home and 2 on the road per division) and division rivals play the same divisions. The final component is that a team will play two other teams from separate divisions (one at home and one on the road) that had corresponding finishes in their respective divisions from the previous season. So the Seahawks play their NFC West rivals at home and on the road. They play the AFC North and NFC North opponents, two at home and two on the road for each division. Lastly, the Seahawks were slated to play the team that had the same division finish in the NFC East and NFC South (one at home and one on the road). The Seahawks won the NFC West, therefore, they will play Dallas and Carolina. For more information about an NFL agent, contact a Seattle NFL Agent.

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