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Marshawn’s Carries Dictate Seahawk’s Success

October 17, 2014
Pete reassuring Marshawn that they will run the ball consistently.

It is a know fact the the Seahawks rely on Marshawn Lynch and his explosive running style. Beast Mode has been a huge factor in the Seahawk’s success in his tenure in Seattle, including last season’s Super Bowl Championship.

This is why it was so shocking to see Darrell Bevel, the offensive coordinator, call for just two carries in the first half by Lynch in last week’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys. While it is known that the Seahawk’s feed the beast to victory, the statistics below are staggering;

 Lynch’s Carries              Seahawk’s Win/Loss Record

20 or More                               18-4

16-20                                       14-8

10-15                                        5-6

Less than 10                             1-6

Darrell Bevell said today in his press conference “we need to do a better job of getting Marshawn the ball”. I think needless to say that is an understatement. While it is great to force feed the ball to now healthy weapon Percy Harvin, I believe it is obvious that the Seahawk’s success on offense starts and ends with Beast Mode. His powerful runs in the first quarter set the tone for an entire game and open open the play action pass for Russell Wilson. Once the safeties start creeping up in the box it allows Harvin more room in the open field. Then Marshawn finishes off the game in the 4th quarter and grinding out the clock. Feed the Beast!

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